Excellent new home screen design tool

Excellent new home screen design tool Most people have used Microsoft Theme Generator to make their own homescreens. Now, if we’re honest we’d say it’s a bit.. bobbins. It was coded a couple of years back now and doesn’t have the power to change much bar the background and stuff.

Step forward Ruttensoft! They’ve released their bloody excellent Homescreen Designer which comes crammed with plugins (these make your homescreen do really funky things) and features galore. This really is the mac-daddy of homescreen design tools and it’s essential for anyone designing homescreens.

For full details including full features and a cool Flash demonstration, click here to visit the Ruttensoft site. The only minor drawback with this is that it’s only compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 (SPV E200 / SPV C500 and above) handsets, but it’s still the best design tool I’ve seen.

Try or buy it directly here. If you decide to buy (and believe me, it’s worth it), it’ll cost $12, which is a mere £6.67.