October set as UK launch for T-Mobile SDA?

October set as UK launch for T Mobile SDA? According to those drunks ( only joking Paul 😉 ) at MoDaCo.com the T-Mobile SDA is set to appear here in the UK next month.

The T-Mobile handset has the same insides as the Orange SPV C500, but comes with a different outer shell, added T-Mobile buttons and keyboard configuration. The handset, in whatever form (C500, SDA, SDA Music, i-mate SP3i, i-Mate SP3 etc etc) is a winner and networks around the world are now seeing a new and exciting way to sell phones – sell them under your own brand. You will see more and more of this, as “hidden” companies (HTC in this case) make the phones whilst big-name-networks like Orange and T-Mobile put their logos on and sell them as their own product.

Source – MoDaCo.com news story here.

UPDATE – There’s even more nice close-up pictures here courtesy of Joe from MobileJoe.de. Just click here to see these new photos along with comparison shots with some Sony Ericsson rubbish. 😉