Guy Kewney continues to change the truth

Guy Kewney continues to change the truth I’ve always respected Guy Kewney – he’s well known in the Smartphone world, writing stories for several websites, newpapers, IT rags and newfeeds all around the web. However, there’s still yet another Microsoft attack in his latest coverage of the Orange Code Camp, written in He stated last week (see this story) that MS were no-where to be seen, yet now in this latest article he states that there was …

“..amongst all this, one solitary Microsoft guy shows up and does one solitary session on “introducing Windows Mobile.”

Rubbish, rubbish and a whole pile of arse. Even his own evidence contradicts it. MS are heavily behind the MS Smartphone platform AND the developers working for it. He is more appreciative of Orange, who – I must agree – did a bang up job of hosting the Code Camp and used their usual “cool touch” to make the event chilled-out and relaxed.

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