Another C500 review

Another C500 review have now reviewed the C500 from Orange. They gave it 7 out of 10, which isn’t too bad considering the amount of handsets they’ve reviewed previously. It got marked down on the thumbpad, camera quality and the fact that it has a miniSD card.. although why they could mark it down on the MiniSD card when the Sony Ericsson has that memory stick rubbish I don’t know.. 🙂

I’m still recovering from farrrr too many beers over the weekend, so here’s some lazy-arse random quotes from the article…

“The C500 is the first SPV that can be treated like a phone – which means it doesn’t have to be charged every day. In fact, the C500 gave us a healthy four days of life, using the camera, Bluetooth and phone functions.”

“As well as an Infrared port, Bluetooth is provided, and implemented better than before. It doesn’t seem to affect battery life so drastically, and performance with headsets is far more reliable.”

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