T-Mobile SDA – Professional Video available

T Mobile SDA   Professional Video available DrinkDrinkDrinkDrink… Where the hell did THAT weekend go eh ? It’s 10.30PM on Sunday, yet 5 minutes ago I was leaving work on Friday. What happened? Lager happened my friends – and lets NOT pretend it’s big or clever to drink for 14 hours.. ‘cus it’s not. I’ve been offline all weekend because of it and this morning I even muttered those immortal words, “Never again”. In fact, this time I mean it – although I just have to finish this Fosters I found in the fridge (it looked lonely)…

Anyway, the guys at PhoneNetwork.de have got this excellent mega-closeup professionally made video of the T-Mobile SDA. You get to see the handset in all its glory plus the T-Mobile additions that have been made to Windows Mobile 2003. You also get some groovy 80’s Street Hawk-esque music t’boot.

The video is 7Mb and can be downloaded by clicking here.

I’ve recoded this movie to a smaller 2Mb video if you’re on a lower bandwidth connection – click here to download it.

Source and credits – PhoneNetwork.de