Text spam – the worst kind!

Text spam   the worst kind! It would appear that the worst kind of spam, the spam that we HATE the most, is SMS-Spam. I’m sure you all know the kind. It doesn’t matter how careful you think you’re being, you seem to get it.

Have you called up for a competition recently on your mobile ? Sent an SMS to claim a prize or one of those “codes” that you send off to see if you’ve won something ? Have you put your mobile number down on ANY kind of form, whether on the web or on paper ? Have you given your mobile number to an insurance company or even your bank? You have ? DOAH! You’re pretty much certain to get spam through your phone.

It’s got so bad now that Silicon.com states that “people would rather be cold-called while eating their tea”. It’s true. Your mobile is in your pocket all day long – the only text you want is maybe a funny joke off your mates, or your missus telling you how she’s NOT spent any money today.. What you absolutely detest, more than anything, is ..

“U have WON a free cruise. Call phone 0906 RIP OFF to claim. £3 per min, txt STOP. POBox203 LND.”


“Nokia ringtones free, just call 0906 CASH4US. Tms and cnds at www.nokiacrappytones.com”

We hate it. It’s got worse recently with the “voicemail messages”, which come in the form of a text messages saying that you’ve got a voice mail – just call some 0208 number to get it. Next you’re treated to a quite honest gent who says you need to call… an 0906 number to claim a prize… DOAH!

We’re fed up with it. It’s rubbish – it’s part of the reason I switched my mobile number (that and the fact that mobile phone shops keep calling up to sell Nokia rubbish).

Source – Silicon.com