No MS at the Orange Code Camp?

No MS at the Orange Code Camp? Over in France Orange are holding a Code Camp, where all types of mobile-coders (those dudes who make Java / non Java games and apps for your mobile phone) learn about what they can and can’t do. You may have noticed that the dudes at are there. They even have a photo blog of it here.

However, we noticed this Guy Kewney article which also got headlines at The Register, where there’s talk of Microsoft “not being at the Code Camp” and “not being interested in mobile” and even this paragraph…

“But if you look at the programme for the day you’ll discover no Microsoft “Windows Mobile 2003” sessions. And if you recall, Microsoft cancelled its Mobile Developer Conference for 2004, restricting its mobile training to the mobile stream at TechEd 2004 in Amsterdam, earlier this year. “

However, I’m confused. Over at, who are there too, you can see events such as this “Programming Smartphone 2003 with SMS Messaging” lab and “Developing Windows Mobile Smartphone Applications in Managed Code” with Marcus Perryman. Plus, here’s someone else from MS doing a demo and, to top it off, here at the Orange Code camp site you can see that there’s at least 4 or 5 sessions hosted by Microsoft… so…

So why the negative publicity Guy?

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