T-Mobile SDA – the real deal!

T Mobile SDA   the real deal! Here it is, in use, in it’s box and ready to go. The T-Mobile SDA is shown at here at MobileJoe.de because Joe has got one!

This T-Mobile handset is the “one without the music buttons” and is aimed at the business / smart user. It has email plus T-Zones buttons and should be appearing before the T-Mobile SDA Music, which we featured here earlier this week. I’ve moved some of Joes’ incredibly hi-resolution pictures to the page below (click “read more” to see), so hit that to see some close-up shots!

Joe is incredibly impressed by this. He states that it’s like “finally getting that toy that your parents wouldn’t let you play with for the past two years”, plus he’s also written a mini-review of the handset along with his first impressions here. You can also find the Babelfish English translation here.

I’m still waiting for T-Mobile to talk to me. Come on boys! 🙂

Source – this MobileJoe.de article.