T-Mobile SDA Music shows itself! (Rock me Amadeus!)

T Mobile SDA Music shows itself! (Rock me Amadeus!) Courtesy of my German drinking buddy (Joe) at MobileJoe.de and the guys at Smartphone-web.com come these shots of the T-Mobile SDA Music! This has now been announced here by T-Mobile. This new handset is more geared towards the teen / home user and turns the phone into an excellent iPod / digital camera / phone cross-over! Check out the music-control keys below. Again, T-Mobile have put a lot of thought into this and worked in tandem with HTC to incorporate the T-Zones button, a skip forward / backward button and the play/pause key..


Also, Joe has informed me of these
HTC code names, which you’ll
see cropping up..

C500= Typhoon
SP3i = Feeler
SDA = Sonata
SDA-Music = Amadeus

HTC are the company who make these
handsets for T-Mobile, and have now
proved themselves to be world-class phone / PDA manufacturers. This new T-Mobile SDA Music is due in November, so we should hopefully see this across the rest of Europe towards the end of this year.

For more details see MobileJoe.de. Joes’ site is in German, but you can see a translated version here. Plus – just to add the icing onto the cake, there’s also some REAL-life pictures here and yet more excellent shots here, all courtesy of Smartphone-web.com

Credits – Smartphone-web.com and MobileJoe.de.

If you don’t click anywhere else on this page, make sure you click here to see this handset in all its glory.

T-Mobile SDA Video
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