100,000 Members at CoolSmartPhone.com!

100,000 Members at CoolSmartPhone.com! Unbelievably, over the weekend, the amount of people registered here at CoolSmartPhone.com hit an amazing 100 thousand. Good gawd.. I’m just blown away!

CoolSmartPhone.com is two and a half years old now and I am still shocked daily at the size it’s grown to. Your questions, emails, suggestions, articles, reviews, news items, download submissions and positive feedback have made this site what it is today. I want everyone to know how much I appreciate this. Many many thanks!

For me, CoolSmartPhone has developed from a simple single page where I published “work arounds” for the original SPV to the monsterous gigabyte-sucking, time-sapping web giant it is today.

Thanks once again, and please do spread the word about CoolSmartPhone.com to anyone purchasing a Windows Mobile Phone!