TomTom ready for pre order

TomTom ready for pre order The market leader in GPS is TomTom. As you may all be aware they have announced to launch on the smartphone platform. has the package available for pre order. It’s even cheaper than if you were to purchase the item from TomTom online site. See below a full description of what TomTom can do.

PreOrder Here!


    * Complete car navigation solution on your smartphone
    * Smallest lightest Bluetooth GPS on the market
    * Hassle free installation – everything is preloaded on a plug-in memory card
    * Brilliant 3D maps and clear spoken instructions guide you from door to door
    * Extra information with 1000s of points of interest included (restaurants, hotels, parking…)
    * Door-to-door navigation using house numbers
    * Favourite shortcuts: access your favorite routes safely while driving with digital shortcuts (e.g. key in 123 = home; your return route is automatically calculated)
    * Personal points of interest: add your own points of interest and ask for a notification sound when near somewhere useful like a friend’s house, company office, petrol station or hotel.
    * Phone calls still received in the same way; during a call, visual instructions are still displayed but audio is muted
    * TomTom wireless GPS receiver included, along with a map of your country or region
    * Works with Nokia 6600, Orange SPV-E200 and Qtek 8080, with more compatible phones available soon
    * Pre-installed memory card which is reusable; same card can be used in new compatible handsets when upgrading