iMate Handsets

iMate Handsets The iMate range of handsets, all based on HTC devices, are now to expand to Australia and beyond. The iMate SP3, which was introduced into the UK first as the Orange SPV C500 (aka the HTC Typhoon), and the iMate SP3i (tweaked by T-Mobile and coming soon as the T-Mobile SDA) – AKA the HTC Feeler are both featured.

This is yet more teriffic news for the Windows Mobile platform. These are, without doubt, fantastic mobile phones and it can only mean yet more success for Windows Mobile.

For more details and a mega-close-up of the HTC Feeler / iMate SP3i / T-Mobile SDA click here to view the PDF datasheet. You can also see a large picture of the HTC Feeler here.

There are also two Pocket PC Phones in the iMate range, again from HTC – these have also been picked up by the mighty Vodaphone here, branded as the VPA (Vodaphone Personal Assistant).. Come on Vodaphone.. get your Windows Mobile Smartphone out… we are waiting…