fusd.rss reader version 1.2 released

fusd.rss reader version 1.2 released fusd.rss 1.2 released
1) Cache sytem reworked. If cache of RSS feed exist it not try to
connect until you click refresh
2) Back and Save button don’t work
3) Program name shows incorrectly in “Remove Programs”
4) Select menu don’t work in import
5) Corupted text after change font size
6) Crash if import selection on SmartPhone
7) Import don’t work on some files
8) Import not add feed to existed feeds
9) fusd.rss folder incorrectly set
10) Feed selection hidden
11) Save feed into HTML
12) Unable to connect some feeds. detailed info
13) Import OPML select button not work
14) “Remove all” feed option
15) Speed Improvments when loading first time and scrolling long feed list.
16) Plain text only option added, it remove any HTML tags include pictures.
17) Refresh added feeds option, update feed info(name, description)
first time when you add feed.

Download the CAB file direct from this link.