The first ever T-Mobile Windows Mobile Phone – the T-Mobile SDA

The first ever T Mobile Windows Mobile Phone    the T Mobile SDA

Remember how I said we had big news? Well – here it is, the T-Mobile SDA. What a great few weeks it’s been for the Microsoft Smartphone! A tweaked version of the HTC Typhoon (the Orange SPV C500), known as the HTC Feeler appeared, as did the innovative HTC Vivida, which is set to hit US shores soon. Hmm… lets look at that HTC Feeler again though – why redesign the SPV C500 (Typhoon) without having a network carrier to announce it ?

Step forward T-Mobile…

In May 2003 we were reporting that T-Mobile were considering the Tanager (known as the SPV E100) as their first Windows Mobile – they were going to call it the T-Mobile SDA. However, it was dropped ­čÖü More than a year later it seems that the T-Mobile SDA will in fact be the HTC Feeler!

Expect offical news from T-Mobile soon on this. The german T-Mobile flyer here is for September 2004 and states that the handset will be out mid-month…so it should be out in a couple of weeks!! We’re presuming it’s T-Mobile Germany only at present (as the leaflet is in German!), however we hope for more – and when T-Mobile make it “official” who knows where it may appear. Yes, you heard right – A Windows Mobile phone in Germany ? In just a couple of weeks?

This T-Mobile version seems to differ from the pictures of the HTC Feeler we saw earlier… note the 4 keys beneath the screen. This looks like a T-Mobile request – they’ve moved the “back” and “home” keys up, then added a “message” and a “T-zones” button on the front panel. See below..

The first ever T Mobile Windows Mobile Phone    the T Mobile SDA

The T-Mobile SDA will also come, according to their flyer, with an integrated viewer for Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF. It’ll also be quite cheap, only 99 EUR!

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NOTE – We are also hearing rumours that mighty Vodaphone are also sniffing around this handset. More news as we get it.

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