Excellent ! SendContact app by Rey J. Vegafria

Excellent ! SendContact app by Rey J. Vegafria Picture the scene, your work mate calls up and says “hey, can you text me Bobs phone number?”. Sure, you think, so you go to your Contacts list on your Smartphone and THEN you realise that you can’t just pick out “Bob” and forward his details on. You have to get a pen and a bit of paper out ! DOAH!

Nokia (spit) have had a “Send Contact Details via SMS” functionality for ages, but it’s not been available for Windows Mobile phones…. until Rey J. Vegafria, webmaster of excellent www.airfagev.com, got to work.

SendContact is a FREE utility that lets you send any Mobile number from your contacts list to any phone via SMS. It was developed using eVB 3.0 for Smartphones and Rey wants to pass on his special thanks to John Cody. For more info, screenshots and download just click here to visit www.airfagev.com

It’s free.. whatcha waiting for? Get it! (PS. If you have trouble downloading, just right-click the links below and choose “Save Target As…”

SendContact SP2003              SendContact SP2002

UPDATE – This has now been updated with the teeny weeny bug now fixed! So download NOW!!!