T3 Raves about the C500 – o2 picks up the Motorola MPx220

T3 Raves about the C500   o2 picks up the Motorola MPx220 There’s some great news around today, including this PPCW.net article which confirms O2’s intention to launch the Motorola MPx220 handset. We’re also getting news that MPx220’s are
arriving in AT&T Wireless distribution centres and will be made available in October. (Source – microsoft.public.smartphone). This is great news for both Windows Mobile and Motorola.

Also, in the October issue of T3 Magazine (UK), there’s group test of pretty much every smartphone on the market. Not just Windows Mobile-powered ones, but Nokia and Sony Ericsson ones too.

The Windows Mobile phones that T3 Magazine reviewed were..

Sierra Wireless Voq – “Think cricket bat and you’re somewhere near to describing this phone’s size. The lack of camera will obviously be a turn-off for some, but given this phones’ target audience, the lack of Bluetooth.. is almost unforgivable. (This device) is clearly designed for a briefcase, not .. jeans.” (3 stars)

Motorola MPx220 – “The 1.2-megapixel camera (with flash) and.. the mirrored exterior looks fantastic, it’s also quad-band making this the most comrehensive traveller on test. The external display unfortunately disappears in sunshine.” (3 stars)

Orange SPV C500 – “Like a lovechild of Carmen Kass and Stephen Hawking, this slim and smart contender is the world’s smallest smartphone. Thankfully for us, it got its mother’s looks – no offence, Stephen. It’s super-slim, feels great and won’t leave an unsightly bulge in your jeans. It’s powerful too, with excellent video playback and stacks of on-board memory.” (5 Stars – GROUP TEST WINNER / t3 BEST BUY

The SPV C500 absolutely blitzed the opposition in the T3 review – and it’s no surprise. Incidentally, I left the phone with the screen “on” for 5 days solid and it did NOT run out of battery power. This is a staggeringly good Windows Smartphone.

Buy a C500 by clicking here.

Source (Moto 02 story) – Arne Hess, PPCW.net