@Sat Orbiter Locator+

@Sat Orbiter Locator+


The latest version of @Sat Orbiter Locator+ is now available for Microsoft 2003 Smartphones

Austin, Texas—August 25th, 2004. The latest version of SurvivorSoft’s flagship title, @Sat Orbiter Locator+, is now available for Microsoft Windows 2003 Smartphone devices. www.SurvivoSoft.com

@Sat tracks prominent orbiters like the International Space Station, follows the Mars Rovers, and automatically downloads the latest Hubble Space Telescope images through a colorful and accessible interface. With this new version, users can now follow the exciting Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and download the latest amazing images from the Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope. @Sat also leverages the latest Microsoft “.Net” technology to interface with the Smartphone’s Outlook Calendar, making it easier than ever to view an exciting orbiter overpass.

“The latest version of @Sat for PocketPC earned the best reviews, yet,” said Francine Hunter, Director of Technology for SurvivorSoft and driving force behind the project. “With the highly anticipated Motorola MPx220 Smartphone 2003 hitting the market later this year, we’re providing those users with an exciting application that will really take advantage of their new device. This new version of @Sat is a unique application that’s educational, relevant and fun to use.”

About SurvivorSoft

@Sat’s innovative functionality reflects SurvivorSoft’s years of dedication to mobile device development. Founded in 2000, SurvivorSoft is an award-winning studio providing a wide range of products for Java-enabled phones and Windows Mobility 2003-based Pocket PC/Smartphone devices. With products on sale in over fifty different countries, SurvivorSoft brings experience, passion, and attention to detail in everything we do. Please see www.SurvivorSoft.com for more information about who we are and where we’re going.