Sagem MyS-7 comes to Orange France.. but not the UK

Sagem MyS 7 comes to Orange France.. but not the UK This time last week you may have been forgiven for thinking that there weren’t that many models of Windows Mobile handsets out there. Just a week ago we only knew that the Orange SPV C500 was hitting a high-street near you pretty soon. The Motorola MPx100 was (and still is) delayed indefinitely, plus the MPx220 is still “coming soon”.

Now – just a week later, we have the HTC Vivida coming to US Network Verizon Wireless, the HTC Feeler (a tweaked version of the SPV C500, this time with a joystick) coming to *COUGH* *COUGH* .. and NOW we’ve got the lovely Sagem MyS-7 coming to … Orange France!!..

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UPDATE – Over at they’re reporting that this won’t be appearing here in the UK 🙁 Doah.

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