MAVEC Goes Live

MAVEC Goes Live

Welcome to Mavec?

Mavec is just a bit of multi-user fun for owners of Microsoft Smartphones (Windows Mobile 2003) and runs over GPRS. There are no objectives and no prizes and it’s free to download.

What is Mavec?

Mavec is a virtual world which users can travel around, meet others and buy and sell land in. You control a virtual user who can be sent around the map gathering friends, money and land.

How does it work?

Mavec works by synchronising with a central server every time you want to refesh your handset. The usual sequence is to plan a route for your virtual user, send messages to people, buy/sell land or buildings then synch with the server to update your incoming messages and map. The bandwidth used for each synch is very low (average 1.5k) so you won’t build up a hugh phone bill (unless you play non-stop).

How can I get it?

Just download and install the cab file below. Feel free to post the download on your own website. Mavec is an unsigned application so you will be prompted to allow it to run.

And Finally

Mavec is just a demonstration of what’s possible with the smartphone platform. If you have any questions about Mavec or you are looking for a Smartphone developer you can contact me at info “at”

   CAB File

You will need to copy the cab file to your phone and run it.