The HTC VIVIDA!!! The HTC Vivida is yet another addition to the amazing HTC range. Yes, we’ve had the HTC Feeler just 30 minutes ago here and the Pocket PC HTC Harrier – now the HTC Vivida, which looks bloody fantastic (more info here at the FCC website) is catching the imagination and shocking customers around the world. It’s got the familiar joypad that we’ve seen on the original SPV handset and a slide-down joystick which reveals the keyboard.

This will – apparently – be hitting Verizon Wireless (US Based Carrier) soon, and comes packed with Windows Mobile 2003, camera (with what looks like a light sensor and possibly a flash) Bluetooth, IR and a standard MMC/SD slot.

Remember where you heard the full info first!!!

Windows Mobile? It looks like it’s taking on the world at the moment thanks to HTC! You can get lots more pictures by clicking “Read More” below !

Source – FCC Website

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