Orange now selling the SPV C500

Orange now selling the SPV C500 The much anticipated C500 is now selling from the Orange Shop for upgrades here. We’re not quite sure why it’s still showing as “coming soon” on the main detail page, but at least you can see what an excellent deal you can get for all you upgraders out there. 🙂

Looks like you guys are now getting your hands on them too! I had an email in to say…

“I was at the shop on Saturday and they had a demo phone in that I was able to use. They then asked if I wanted to be on the waiting list, so I signed up. It’s gonna arrive TODAY! :)”

“You may want to ring your Orange shop and reserve one if you already haven’t.”

Don’t forget that you can also get a great deal on the Orange SPV C500 from our friends at FoneTastic