E200 Wifi Saga continues

E200 Wifi Saga continues You may remember our earlier story about the Sandisk Wifi SD card, which is apparently compatible with the Compal AR11 Smartphone. Now, we asked Sandisk if it’s work with the E200, and they said surprisingly – yes, it does. We know that it doesn’t work on the E200.. it just doesn’t.. full stop – however Sandisk Tech Support are still saying that this WiFi SD card does.

We were prepared to leave it at that, but CoolSmartPhone member Richard Yates decided to have a bit of a showdown with them 🙂 He emailed tech support at Sandisk to tell them of their mistake. However, they seemed to take a dislike to this and ended up telling him where to go.. 🙁

Read on for the full transcript….


The product page for my SD Wi-fi card says its compatible with Windows
Mobile 2003. I’d like to use it in my smartphone which runs Windows
Mobile 4.20.0 (Build 13288) . But the drivers page doesn’t have a driver
for Windows Mobile 2003 – can you mail me one please? Cheers Richard 


SanDisk Response: (08/11/2004 01:54) 
Windows Mobile 2003 is same as PPC 2003. You can download it from our


Your Response: (08/11/2004 09:50) 
Sorry, but it isn’t – Windows Mobile 2003 is written for devices such as
the Microsoft Smartphone – that’s what the microsoft website says
anyhow. The PPC 2003 driver doesn’t work on these devices. Is that the
end of the road? 


SanDisk Response: (08/11/2004 03:52) 
You are not beleiving me, and we do not have a driver called Windows
Mobile 2003 on our website. Pretty much there is nothing else I can
advise at this point.

Did you try to install the driver and if so did you get an error message
? Was the error  ” the software you are attempting to install was not
intended for this device ?  “

If you get the above or similar error then the PPC 2003 driver will not
work with your Windows Mobile 2003 smartphone on your unit.

I have installed the above driver on devices like Viewsonic V36/37, XDA
II.IMATE, MDA II devices all running Windows Mobile 2003 and they all
have worked. 


Your Response: (08/11/2004 04:12) 
I know that the driver works well in an XDA II – I have one myself.
However that runs Pocket Pc 2003 Phone edition – NOT Windows Mobile 2003
which is different. I’m not trying to be a pain, but this page on your
own web site http://www.sandisk.com/retail/c-wifi-sd.asp clearly states
the card supports both Pocket PC 2003 AND Windows Mobile 2003 (And Palm
Zire 71 for that matter). Since you drivers page only lists drivers for
PPC 2002 and PPC 2003 I assumed you could probably send me the one for
Windows Mobile 2003 as the web page says. Put another way, If Windows
Mobile 2003 = PPC 2003 why list them both on the page I’ve referred to?
So I’m still hoping you can help me! Cheers Richard 


SanDisk Response: (08/11/2004 04:19) 
I am sorry but I can not continue supporting you on this issue. I have
provided you with all necessary information regarding this matter. I
have also mentioned to you that we do not have a driver labeled Windows
Mobile 2003 as this OS is similar to PPC 2003(which you have doubted)
and that the PPC 2003 driver should work in with your OS.

The link you have mentioned shows the OS that the card supports and
again if you are intrested to getting the unit to work, the driver is
the PPC 2003.

Incase you are looking for a specific link showing WINDOWS MOBILE 2003
driver, unfortunately there is none.