C500 Update

C500 Update For those of you who are interested in the Orange SPV C500, we’re hearing that they’re currently arriving in the Orange Warehouse – so they’ll be on the way to stores next week. Here at CoolSmartPhone.com there’ll be a full C500 review incredibly shortly. Keep watching!

The even better news is that the C500 (AKA the HTC Typhoon) will also be available in other countries too, including US and Asia!

To get more info on the Orange SPV C500, click here.

It’s been a busy weekend for me. The missus is now looking at new kitchens, so I was dragged through the storms to the hell on earth that is Ikea. Why am I telling you this ? Well, I gotta fill this story out a bit.. 🙂 Oh, and if you’re feeling generous, don’t forget to donate (link on the left) so I can pay the upcoming hosting bills and get slightly less grief off the missus (hopefully less trips to you-know-where). 🙂

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