MPx100 slips away

MPx100 slips away Motorola have recently announced a huge new suite of products and services which they term as “Motorola Makes Seamless Mobility Real“. Amongst this news story is news of the MPx220……

• Motorola MPx220 — With seamless access to Pocket Outlook® and Pocket Internet Explorer, the busy professional will never miss an email, IM or a call. The quad band, Motorola MPx220 with Windows Mobile™ software is the first truly powerful phone-first e-mail device. It makes email access easier and more flexible than ever, allowing the user to send and receive email over the air — synchronizing all of your information real-time. In addition, the MPx220 offers an integrated 1.2 megapixel camera with flash and advanced multi-media messaging service (MMS).

This is the only mention of Windows Mobile Smartphones on the huge Seamless Mobility Promotion on their newly redesigned website. It’s a shame. It’s a real shame. The MPx100 would’ve fell off the shelves easily and I’m really sad to see that it’s slowly being removed from existence.

Moto – we love the MPx200. We love the MPx220… we would’ve loved the MPx100 too..