New EasyStart section

New EasyStart section I’ve been, and still am working on the new CoolSmartPhone EasyStart section. Although not quite finished (I’ve got to tidy up that menu – it looks a tad big), it’s a great place for those who’ve either just purchased a Windows Mobile handset, or for those who’ve not even used their cradle yet.

The EasyStart section is also for those new C500 owners coming online shortly plus people like me who don’t read the manual! 🙂 The EasyStart section contains the main bullet-points and it’ll allow you to easily connect your phone, upload funky stuff and make it look the way you want it in minutes.

There’s pictures, screen-grabs and hopefully it’s easy to follow, so give it a try.

Downloads section – I’ve fixed a problem with the downloads section, which was preventing you guys from downloading certain items. This was caused by too much of this and not enough of this. 🙂

Opps – Thanks to everyone who pointed out the spelling error (EastStart instead of EasyStart) ! Doah !!! 🙂