Wi-fi for E200?

Wi fi for E200?

I’ve had an interesting conversation with Sandisk.. they reckon that one of their SD Wi-fi cards should work with the E200.. Now.. I’m not so sure on this at all, but I asked because they reckon that it works with the Compal handset. Either way, I thought it’d be interesting to see if they would say yes or no. The conversation is as follows…

Does this profuct – http://www.sandisk.com/retail/256mb-wifi-sd.asp have any way of working on the E200 ? I notice that your compatibility chart says that it works with Windows Mobile Phones…

—- Leigh Geary (Gears) www.coolsmartphone.com Microsoft MVP – Mobile Devices

SanDisk Response: (08/02/2004 03:55)
Please advise what smartphone device you have and go to start/settings/system/about and advise the exact OS you have listed.

Your Response: (08/02/2004 08:07)
Windows Mobile 2003 Version 4.2.0 (Build 13288) Radio Version 1.12.01 It’s an Orange E200 (HTC Voyager)

SanDisk Response: (08/02/2004 08:07)
Only the SD WIFI CARD (NO MEMORY) should work with your unit.
You will install the PPC 2003 driver from our website.