MPx220 Announced Again

MPx220 Announced Again This time it’s directly from Motorola MediaCenter (see, if you used proper english, that’d be spelt “MediaCentre”.. hehehe). Motorola have announced their fantastic MPx220 here. It’s now slated for the fourth quarter of 2004, which means it’ll be arriving after the C500. It’s worth the wait though, loaded with Bluetooth, Megapixel camera and flash, plus a sweet clam-shell design.

Michael Tatelman, vice president and general manager of MOTOPro Products, Motorola Inc. said about the device….

“Once you’ve experienced the MPx220, whether it be e-mail synchronization, moving to the latest hits with the built in MP3 player or even recording your own piece of history using the mega-pixel camera, the Motorola MPx220 is your ideal companion.”

Who’s gonna argue with that eh ? 🙂

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