Qtek 8010 / Orange SPV C500 Video

Qtek 8010 / Orange SPV C500 Video MySmartphone.no now have a video of the QTek 8010. This comes just days after their review here. The QTek 8010 is the C500, but with a different sticker.

There’s some lovely soft music plus some close-ups of the screen and handset itself. It must be stressed that this is similar but not identical to the operating system you’ll find on the Orange SPV C500 when it appears soon (Orange add extra bits like Caller ID, Orange Updates and more).

The 14Mb movie is available by clicking here. I’ve re-coded it for those with slightly slower connections. It’s just a bit less than 4Mb and is available here.

Credit – Alexander Dreyer Johnsen from the excellent MySmartphone.no

Update! – Be one of the first to get a C500 – Click here to find out how!