CoolSmartPhone presents – Gringos!

CoolSmartPhone presents   Gringos! Do you want a free game? How about a cool free game ? Even better, how about a stonkingly addictive cool free game? Well, thanks to our friends at you can get just that! is extremely proud to present Gringos – a fantastic shoot-em-up game which tests your trigger skills to the max. This is a special limited edition COMPLETELY FREE game, so get downloading now! All you need to do is choose the appropriate version for you (Smartphone 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003).

Hang on, lemme stick my promotional hat on and tell you more about it 🙂 “Somethin’ dont smell right in El Paso. Gucho ‘Leroy’ Gambino and his gang are on the run. They are hiding out in a few abandoned toilets in Shadow Creek. You know where they are, and it is your job to flush them out!”

Your aim is to…

  • Collect as much loot as you can carry

  • Shoot the Gringos before they draw their guns!

  • Don’t gun down people with white flags!

  • Avoid shooting the civilians else you will lose a life

  • Upload your high score to the Gringos High Scores table

  • Specially composed music score

  • Use 1,2,4 and 5 on your phone to control your gun. The “1” key shoots when there’s one toilet on the screen, then when there’s two toilets it’s “1” and “2”, when there’s three you should use “1”, “2” and “4”, then when there’s four toilets you use “1”, “2”, “4” and “5” !

    Get Gringos by clicking here, then visit this page to get a free unlock key!

    Many thanks to Joe and all the guys at

    What are you waiting for ? It’s FREE, yes – FREE I TELLS YA!