Exclusive – AtomicLava goes to open beta!

Exclusive   AtomicLava goes to open beta! One thing I’ve been playing with quite heavily recently is AtomicLava. This is a really, really cool piece of software which, once installed, allows you to “blog” your life direct from the phone. Up until today it’s been a “closed beta”, however, it’s now an “open beta”, which means that you can download it here at AtomicLava.net and give it a try yourself! The main beta is installed via a CAB file, so you’ll need to copy it across to your phone, then run it to install – but once done it’s a breeze. If you’re unsure on installing CAB files, click here and scroll down a bit to find out how. Using AtomicLava is really easy, all you need do is….

1) Take picture.
2) Run AtomicLava.
3) Click “New Post”
4) Give it a title (such as “Me in the pub, falling over”)

5) Click “Photo, Attach” and then “OK”

That’s it! All you do then is click “Sync” and it’ll use your GPRS or (if you wait until you plonk it on the cradle) your PC’s internet connection to push your picture directly to your own page at AtomicLava. Mine is here, or you can show your pictures in a posh Flash album like this. Plus, if you sign up, you can comment on peoples’ pictures, and their comments will be synchronised with your phone!

Source and thanks – James Clarke AtomicLava.net

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