C500 Accessories for sale?

C500 Accessories for sale? I’m guessing that this ebay.co.uk auction isn’t going to get too many bidders, especially when the handset isn’t even available yet! Yes, it’s a battery for the Orange SPV C500, which no-one can buy yet!?

The battery is being sold by a company called SpeedyDelivery.co.uk, who appear to specialise in anything from telescopes to air-rifles. They’re based in Stafford, which is not far from me – perhaps I’ll buy it so I’ve got a backup battery when / if I get a C500! šŸ™‚

There’s (at the time of typing) 1 day left on this auction, so get in there quick if you want it!

Thanks to Matt Gough for the tip. Link – C500 Battery @ ebay.co.uk

EDIT – Woah! There appears to be a whole range of C500 accessories on ebay.co.uk from the same company! Check them out if you wanna buy in advance!?

Link – C500 accessories on ebay.co.uk