Sagem MyS-7 Review

Sagem MyS 7 Review have a review of the Sagem MyS-7 handset which hasn’t yet seen the light of day. We’re waiting for a network to pick it up, and we’re expecting that network to be Orange.

It’ll run Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and will have an inbuilt camera (not a megapixel one unfortunately). The review states that the handset runs very quickly, which is evident when navigating through the menu. (As a crappy bench-test, I always hold down the joystick so the phone flicks down the menu as quickly as it can – the faster the better in my book) 🙂

I’d like to see the Sagem hit the market as soon as possible. It’s a good handset and will hopefully dispel my slight problem with Sagem brand … although I must confess that this bad feeling is entirely based on the fact that an ex-girlfriend used a Sagem mobile, which I’d bought for her, to text messages some other bloke… then she chucked it at me .. oh, that bloody hurt that did. 🙂

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