C500 on FCC website

C500 on FCC website The FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commision, and new mobile handsets need to be tested to ensure that they’re not melting your brain or rotting your meat and two veg. The Orange SPV C500 (the teeny tiny new Windows Mobile handset coming soon) can now be seen under testing here at FCC.gov.

The test shows pictures, a manual, lots of test information and.. blah blah blahhh… To be honest, I was more interested to see it in pieces here. 🙂 I guess I’m just strange 🙂

To get the latest info about release dates on the click here. The manual (which can be downloaded from our downloads section here, along with other C500 info) states that it’ll be able to record movies in MP4 and H.263 formats (used in 3G – see here for info) – aswell as the existing AVI format.

The fact that it’s on the FCC site seems to suggest the possibility that the C500 may also be released stateside.. Stay tuned.

More info and source – FCC.gov