Moto MPx range rumours

Moto MPx range rumours I’m back in England and at the moment I’m testing out the recently re-launched Fosters Export. Now, as you know, there’s lots of rumours about the new handsets coming out soon which run the Windows Mobile operating system which is found in the existing Orange SPV E200 etc. However, Mobile Gadget News claim to have hot inside information about the MPx range of handsets coming out of the Motorola camp very soon here.

This info includes some info about the MPx220, which was recently pulled from the site (much to my bemusement) – this info may explain the reasoning behind the removal. A Motorola rep, who isn’t named but is claimed to be a good source states…

“The MPX220 will be released in August. It will undergo FCC approval later this month. They (Motorola) are currently working on perfecting the camera in the ROM. He (source) said the camera has vastly improved in just the last week.”

Other very interesting comments are as follows…

  • As for the lonely MPX100, no carrier has picked it up in the US and it is unlikely to be released (in the US). It will be released in Europe in between the MPX220 and MPX. So go get it at Expansys if you really want one.

  • He actually REALLY liked the MPX100. It was extremely light and was very comfortable in your hands. The MPX220 was almost exactly like the 200 except with a camera and Bluetooth.

  • As for the MPX, it really reeked of first generation. It’s definitely a great device, but the next version is where it will really make a killing.

  • Oh, and push technology will be included in Exchange 2003 SP2………… 🙂 That’s from the Microsoft rep.

  • For more info, see our source – Mobile Gadget News

    P.S. – I have to be honest and say that I have had no contact with anyone from Motorola / recently, so if you wanna contact me, hit the “contact me” button on the left.