Orange go 3G

Orange go 3G We likes Orange we does. They’re bloody good. They brought us the Smartphone (with a bit of help from Microsoft) and we like the lady on the answer phone. She’s nice.

So, you know that there’s only one 3G network here in the UK ? They call themselves “3” (must’ve taken ages to come up with that). It’s a bit pants and who else you gonna go to for video calls and high data transfer ? Well, step forward Mr Orange, ‘cus they’ve now announced their own 3G network ! It’ll go live on July 19th with the most extensive integrated 2.5/3G network in the UK. Plus, because Orange control it, there’ll hopefully be no “drop outs” that existing “3” customers get when they cross from a 3G area into a non 3G area. This is part of the Orange “mobile broadband” experience, and with 3G card reaching 384Kbps over the W-CDMA network, it’s gonna be quick.

Ok, so here’s the bit you wanna know. Any handsets on this new Orange 3G service ?? No, not yet – the handset range will be launched later in the year, with SonyEricsson and LG announced as its first 3G handset vendors. At the moment it’s data cards only, but it’s a giant leap forward for mobile workers.

The big question – a 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone? Is it on the cards? Can it do two-way video calling and high-bandwidth apps? Who knows.. let’s hope so.

Source – Press Release

Update – Yahoo News have quotes that “A further 3G update in September is likely to include details of Orange’s entry into 3G smart phones and wireless PDAs, Orange UK VP business solutions Mike Newnham told ComputerWire.”