Motorola i930 out and about

Motorola i930 out and about Motorola are on a roll at the minute. The excellent MPx100 and the MPx220 handset, both powered by Windows Mobile, plus the Pocket PC MPx are all ready to rock ‘n roll. These devices join the much raved-about MPx200 handset which many people have already seen.

So now, here comes some real shots of the Motorola i930 from the Motorola co-sponsored 2004 JavaOne Conference in San Francisco. This device is the first handset to run on US iDen networks like Nextel, so we’re not 100% sure whether it’ll see the light of day here in Europe.

It’s yet another sleek design from Moto however, although iDen phones have Push-to-Talk, Java, and aGPS they fail to include basic stuff like Bluetooth or IR.

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