Mobile Phones rot your balls?!

Mobile Phones rot your balls?! Blimey – some good and rather bad news today. Whaddya want first ? Well, lets do the good news eh? It seems that there’s a distinct possibility of a fierce price war on SMS (text) messages here in the UK soon, following a similar battle in the Netherlands. This is due to the rise in MVNOs (stay with me on this one) – these are “Mobile Virtual Network Operators” and they operate across existing networks. Examples in the UK include Virgin Mobile, Sainsbury and Tesco. These guys – especially Virgin, who do their “Text another Virgin Mobile for 3p” advertising campaign, are helping to put pressure on other network operators to reduce their costs.

Ah – now for the rather bad news. Where is your mobile phone when you’re out and about? In your pocket ? In your jeans / trousers ? OK lads, what ELSE is in your jeans / trousers ? Ahhhh… now I think you’re starting to see! Yes, it appears that mobile phones rot your balls. Not content with mashing up your brain when making a call, your phone can now reduce a man’s sperm count by as much as 30 per cent. Dr Imre Fejes of the University of Szeged in Hungary studied 221 men, then compared the sperm count of men who carried a handset for most of the day with the sperm of those who did not own a phone. Although the research didn’t considered other factors, such as age and background, it’s a bit of a worry! 🙂

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