TuneCast – broadcast your Smartphone tunes to your car radio!

TuneCast   broadcast your Smartphone tunes to your car radio! I spotted This Belkin Tunecast II Mobile Transmitter at Pocket PC Thoughts. It’s $49.95 from the States – that’s roughly £27. It may be worth your while considering buying from the US – it’s amazing how strong the Pound is against the US Dollar at the minute, so take advantage if it’s going to work out cheaper after International shipping. That said, I found these on Ebay.co.uk.

What does it do? Well, plug it into the Smartphone and it turns into a mini FM transmitter. Then you just twiddle with your car stereo and bop along to the MP3 tunes stored on your Smartphones’ SD card. Cool eh ? No need to burn a CD, just pop all the MP3’s onto an SD card (which is really quick if you have a card reader like this) and you’re away!

I haven’t got one of these, but if any of you guys have or you intend to get one (they tell me these things are popular with iPod users too) then give me a yell. If it’s good then I can stick a review up.

They’re also available from Amazon.co.uk and loads of other places. Yes yes, you need to check the law etc etc.. if it’s as powerful as a radio microphone (say) then in theory you could be blasting your tunes into the car next to you. Hey, that’s your fault for driving too slow and using a frequency which has a radio station on it. 🙂