SkypeOut Ok, so you’ve heard of Skype yeah? This free software allows you to make phone calls across the internet for free to other Skype users. Brilliant, but it’s always been an underground-app because you have to ensure that the other person is online and ready with their speakers and microphone…. until now…

Guy Kewney has the story on the latest version, which must be downloaded from here (don’t try “check for updates” if you already have it). It includes a beta version of the new “dial” feature. You give Skype some cash (load up an account and check their prices here) and then dial any number in the world … yes, any PHONE number – a normal telephone line.

Why feature this here? Well, Skype is an instant messenger at heart, but they’ve quickly developed and enhanced their product and it beats the features of MSN, AIM and YM hands down – especially now that you can dial anyone in the world over your broadband connection for pennies.

“Yes”, I hear you cry, “but why post that here?”. Well, it shouldn’t stretch the imagination too far to build a Windows Smartphone version – there’s already a Pocket PC version, so why not ? Now imagine..

1) You have your shiny new MPx handset (or possibly a C500 or MPx220 with wi-fi SD card – hey, maybe even Bluetooth if it’s quick enough!?

2) You have it ActiveSync’d into your PC’s broadband connection.

3) You have Skype running on your Smartphone and need to call umm.. Seattle. Use Skype and it’ll cost you a penny a minute!!!

Sure, there’s some hoops to get through yet – getting wi-fi into a Smartphone and having the Skype software ready is yet to happen – however, it’s only a matter of time… and when it does happen there’s nothing stopping people paying buttons for phone calls.

Source (including picture) – Guy Kewney (