Neonode N1 – at last?

Neonode N1   at last? Both The Register and are reporting that the infamous N1 handset (pictured) is finally shipping… a .. test.. .. unit… for ….. errmm…..some…. pre-order…….. customers…..

Oh dear, poor Neonode. This teeny-weeny handset has been hyped and promised for ages and ages, pre-orders have been taken, the web has been buzzing about it and their website is raving about it, but there’s been very little coming back. In fact, it was 2002 (when I was only a young lad.. ahem..) that Neonode first started touting it to potential buyers.. 🙁

However, we shouldn’t p*ss on their bonfire just yet – they’ve got a wicked product and it’s well worth considering. The N1 handset doesn’t run your usual version of Windows Mobile, however it is BASED on it. There’s a funky user-interface bolted on top called “zForce” which runs on the N1’s 100MHz ARM processor (the C500 uses a 200Mhz processor, so we’ll have to see about speed differences). Also there’s GPRS, and a bundled 64MB SD.

More details – The Register

Neonodes’ website – here.