MPx – it’s here! Sort-of..

MPx   its here! Sort of.. Over at Mobile Gadget News there’s rumours of release dates for the MPx220 handset (while we’re on this, I’m hearing that the MPx220 may make an appearance at around the same time as the C500 here in the UK still). Anyways, they’ve spotted that Mark Morrow, a member, has got his grubby mitts on an MPx.. boxed, running and very very shiny.

The MPx, from Motorola, is running Windows Mobile (for Pocket PC), so it’s not strictly a Smartphone – however the lines are becoming more and more blurred between Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone now. Either way, it looks fantastic! Have a look at these images if you’re thinking of getting one! I like this… I like it a lot. In fact, I like anything coming out of Motorola at the minute (can you guys send me a device if I keep this up?) 😉 Seriously though, they are well built and well thought-out.

Update – Whoops, forgot that there’s even more photos of it here! These pics include an example of the camera picture-quality and more.

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