More fun from Astraware

More fun from Astraware It’s always time to start worrying when you’re in the pub and actually OFFERING to buy a round of drinks. If that wasn’t bad enough I offered to buy several more rounds after – mainly because I seemed to be finishing my pint first. This morning is a bit of a blur because of this, but through the mist I can see that Astraware are pushing forward even more highly-addictive games.

I’ve met the guys from Astraware and they’re crazy about games – the level of detail, testing and thought that goes into each one is superb and you’ll find their products very hard to put down.

Today I’ve spotted Candy Cruncher, where the aim is to make whole lines of the same type of candies – either vertically or horizontally. Simple, quick and highly addictive! It’s priced at £8.22

Also there’s PopCap Pack 1 (try saying that quick!), which is a collection of FIVE games – Bejeweled, Alchemy, Seven Seas, Mummy Maze and Atomica – all for a bargain basement price of £16.47 !

Try or buy Candy Cruncher here or PopCap Pack 1 here.

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