OCO1 ? The e777 ?

OCO1 ? The e777 ? Many recent articles appeared to regurgitate old news about the TCL OCO1 Smartphone, as mentioned ealier this week. However, TCL Mobile said that these news items were just plain “wrong.” Although the OCO1 Windows-Powered Smartphone is on the way, it is still undergoing development and testing.

This Forbes.com article seems to stir up even more confusion, and states that…

“The TCL e777 will use Microsoft’s MS SmartPhone system, but is not yet available on the market.”

“Chinese news portal eNet, meanwhile, had reported that TCL Mobile partnered with Microsoft to develop the TCL e777 smartphone, and that the two companies had begun promoting this smartphone earlier this week. This handset features a built-in digital camera and 32 MB of memory, which can support MP3 and MPEG4 files. TCL Mobile was also reported to be distributing this model in Asia, with plans to explore the U.S. market next year.”

Make of this what you will. When we know more, we’ll let you know!

Source – This Forbes.com