Virus hits Smartphones?

Virus hits Smartphones? WOah! Before you start washing your phone with soap and water, then treating it to an early night tucked up in bed – the virus seems to only be affecting Symbian Smartphones, and the virus itself is a bit crap too. have the story, and state…

“The worm program, dubbed Cabir by Russian antivirus company Kaspersky, apparently uses the Bluetooth short-range wireless feature of smartphones that run the Symbian operating system to detect other Symbian phones, and then transfers itself to the new host as a package file. While able to replicate the spread of the virus in research settings, antivirus companies have not found any evidence that the program is infecting smart phones outside of those limited test cases.”

More details and source –

Olivier emailed in this further info…

Virus hits Smartphones?

I was reading a site today and there was a post about a smartphone virus, in short:

*its the first known smartphone virus
*its called Cabir
*its developed for phones using Symbian
*it spreads trough Bluetooth

The complete story:

The DUTCH site where i found it