OCO1 Announced?

OCO1 Announced? TCL Corporation have, according to this Inquirer.net article, announced the launch of their first Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone. Named the OCO1, it will include an integrated camera, a 262,000 colour display and another 4000 sub-display. It’ll have 32 MB of internal memory and support for MP3 and MPEG4 !

TCL Corporation have recently taken over Alcatels’ handset business and are now working closely with Neomagic for their processor power and M-Systems for their DiskOnChip products.

Currently it’ll only work on Asia/European networks, however they’re working on a tri-band version for 2005.

Source – TheInquirer.net. Further info from PDAToday.com

More details from BusinessWeekly.co.uk

Far be it from me to say, but I’m sure I heard this exact same story about a year ago ?