Media Remote 2004 – now that’s good!

Media Remote 2004   now thats good! For some obscure reason, I did’t think I was going to like Ruttensofts’ free Media Remote 2004 software. How wrong I am.

Ok, first on the list of reasons you should try this – it’s free, however they’re open to donations – just as we are at CoolSmartPhone! In fact, this software is so good, I can’t fit my huge appreciation of it in this intro, so click “Read More” below to get more detail…

What does it do? Well, if you’ve got an E200 (iMate 2 etc – or maybe even another Bluetooth-enabled MS Smartphone when they appear) and a bluetooth enabled lappy or a bluetooth dongle – listen up. This will let you take control of Windows Media on your PC or laptop – all from your Smartphone. Not just music – ooooooooohhhh noooo, don’t forget that you can put movies into Media Player too! So, if you used a laptop to output the picture onto your TV, then you can get your Smartphone to control the whole deal!

(By the way – this screenshot is NOT my playlist!) 🙂 I think I need to get me a video camera. I need to show you how this all works properly. Imagine the scene. I’ve downloaded and installed Media Remote 2004, I’ve made a playlist of my most favourite MP3’s. However, I’ve got a PC with all the tunes on and I don’t want to have to keep walking back to it to change songs. Media Remote 2004 also installs a client onto your Smartphone – this is really cool. Once you’ve connected over Bluetooth (ActiveSync – see here how to do it) then the two parts become syncronised. I drop a playlist or three into the Media Remote 2004 “server” on my PC, then I get them all displayed on my phone.

What can you do then ? Well, you name it. You can mute, repeat, make the funky Windows Media Player GFX on your PC all “full screen” to impress your mates, turn the volume up/down, move to the next sonf, change playlist, stop/pause and hey – even shut down your PC if you’re in a rush to get out!

I like this, I really do – it’s a great leap into the full Media Centre Experience that Microsoft is pushing at the moment. The Smartphone, with this software, allows you to control your Media Files (MP3’s, CD’s, Video’s, DVD’s etc etc) – so if you’re mega lazy you can pop your favourite DVD into your laptop, drop the laptop on a table and then control the action via your Smartphone wirelessly.

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Get it, get it now.

Ruttensofts’ Media Remote 2004