Reviews Good and Bad

Reviews Good and Bad Some good and bad reviews around the net today. The i-Mate Smartphone 2 (it’s a rebranded E200) is making its long-awaited debut in New Zealand and is met with quite a good review in the New Zealand Herald here, however the Samsung i600 got slated in this PC Mag review from the States.

Whilst I’m just about ready to slag off the PC Mag review, I must admit that all the stuff mentioned has probably happened to me at one time or another. Doah.. Lots of these have been sorted in 2003 though.

As for the New Zealand Herald article, which criticises the price (very high in Kiwi-land for some reason), slight clunky design (lets hope they see the SPV C500 soon) and the SD card not being included, again these are all pretty minor and can be changed easily.