New software unlock for e200

New software unlock for e200 Orange developers have introduced a new software unlocking programe for the SPV E200 with three security modules this week. Orange developers are to launch a new application unlocking software for SPV E200 which resolves the relocking of the E200 after OS upgrades.

Orange developers collect the IMEI no’s of SPV E200 users and have created this software, which includes the new security settings for SPV E200. Unfortunetly this software is not currently available for E200 users. If you need it, you should contact directly with Orange Developers along with your email and IMEI number. Hopefully they will send you new security certificate directly which can be unzipped and run through the PC after connecting the phone directuly to the PC.

This application contains three security modues:

Disabled security
Low security
High security.

Tthis software is great news for the E200 users who can’t use the OTA method.