MPx220 – Video on line!

MPx220   Video on line! have managed to get their hands on this 11Mb video of the Motorola MPx220 in action.

UPDATE – The animation is a rather large Macromedia Flash movie, which should run fine on any browser, however if you’re having problems you can download it here. I’ve had about 200 requests for a smaller WMV version, so here you go! The MPx220 video is available below in either of the following sizes. The dimensions and quality of the video shrink with the size, so pick the best for your connection. Right click and choose “Save Target As” if you want to download the whole thing and watch it later.

– 8Mb WMV version (Broadband)
– 3.6Mb WMV version (ISDN / Dial Up)
– 1.2Mb WMV version (Dial Up)

The handset is running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition and it looks like the dogs danglies – ME WANT ONE! 🙂 It has VOICE RECOGNITION in this build (although it did get a command wrong in this movie!), plus there’s a mini-SD card slot (what am I gonna do with all my saved stuff on my normal SD card?!?! Oh, and don’t forget that stylish MPx220 logo on the bottom and the fantasticly swish design. Oooof! 🙂 Did I mention the colour external display ? Eh eh ? I think I might be able to forgive them for the MiniSD slot now.. 🙂 Oooooooooooo gimme gimme! I like this, I ruddy like this a LOT!

UPDATE 2 – There’s some debate whether the word “QUAD” on the top of the handset (see this here) means “Quad Band”. Well, we’re still not sure – there’s two schools of thought. Either “yes, it’s quad band” or that the logo refers to the ultra-cool ElectroAcoustic Quad speaker technology found in the handset. In fact you can see the actual logo here, which is taken from the Quad Hi-Fi website here. Only time will tell.

The original video is here, with screenshots here.

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