Playing Shame Game

Playing Shame Game For the past few minutes I’ve been playing the “Shame Game” by Cherry Soft. When I first heard about this game, I thought, “Tskkk.. it’s just a variant of the click three connecting blocks games of old.”

Sure, I knew about the ladies dancing around in the background… but bloody hell it’s distracting… how am I supposed to concentrate on connecting three similar-coloured-blocks together when there’s a sexy lady dancing around in the background?

The answer… If you hit enough, she dances around with less clothing on! Blimey… this is the game for me!!!

I’m supposed to be writing a review for this right now, but unfortunately I’m feverishly bashing away on my ….. (wait for it you filthy minded people)…. Smartphone trying to get Eva to take another bit of clothing off!!! 🙂 Come on girl!!

Ahem.. more here soon….